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14 Oct, 2020

PhotoDerive on 17 October

2020-10-17T10:26:32+01:0014 October 2020|Blog|

As part of the European Month of Photography events, we are going on a PhotoDérive in Berlin next Saturday 17.October from 14.00 to 17.00 h.

The PhotoDérive is a photo exploration of our space, based on the Dérive, a cultural practice with its genesis in psychogeography. The Dérive is “a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances. Dérives involve playful-constructive behavior and awarenes […]

1 Sep, 2020

PhotoDérive at the 2020 European Month of Photography

2020-10-17T09:46:30+01:001 September 2020|Blog|

PhotoDérive has been selected to be part of Berlin´s prestigious biennial photography event, the European Month of Photography Festival. PhotoDérive will be presenting the exhibition “If on a Winter´s night a traveller” and organising contact free

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