23.Feb.2020 “Erasing the Line” for Terminalia Festival

The first public event of PhotoDérive will be a walk during the global Terminalia Festival. If Berlin had Terminus worshippers, who erected milestones and border markers, he would have been well served in the years between 1961 and 1989 when the city was divided by a wall and in so many other ways. Walls, barbedContinue reading “23.Feb.2020 “Erasing the Line” for Terminalia Festival”

Welcome to PhotoDerive!

Created in 2013 PhotoDérive was born at the intersection of my curiosity of psychogeography and my love of photography. I developed a game based on a set of analogue cards to kick start photographic Dérives to add a pinch of randomness and inspiration to my photo walks. What is psychogeograhy?  The creator of the discipline,Continue reading “Welcome to PhotoDerive!”