The outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic has impacted our lives in many ways. For PhotoDérive, this means we have adapted the concept of our playful urban photo explorations to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. Here is a “before and after” comparison.

We still believe a safe PhotoDérive could take place, if we all observe the basic prevention rules sanctioned by the German Federal Office of Health Education

  • maintaining 2m distance from each other
  • ensuring basic hygiene rules (washing hands, safe sneezing or coughing)
  • using nose-and-mouth masks

Fortunately, a PhotoDérive takes place mostly outside. It could be an an event for a small number of participants, with a full open-air focus where participants can explore their surroundings and observe the prevention rules mentioned outside. We would have to avoid holding a meeting where everyone comes together in an enclosed space, but we could still gather at a safe distance outside. Information distribution would take place via email.

We can do a hybrid event -parts online, parts live and inperson- for your company or organisation, as a team building or as a creativity event for your team. Please approach us at and we can surely work something out.

During COVID19 times: contact free, location independent

Before COVID19 times: enjoying a common activity together

The event does not require a meeting point. It is contact free and location independent. You can participate from wherever you are. We meet somewhere in Berlin, or any other city, to start our PhotoDérive together
24h before the event, participants receive an email with a quick start guide as well as a set of images and PDF documents once payment is confirmed. Participants receive a set of materials to use during the PhotoDerive
Online kick off using video conferencing. After a short welcome, participants can ask questions. Short welcome and explanation: what is a Dérive, how does it work? Space for questions and answers from participants.
PhotoDérive hosts an online video chat to welcome participants and answer questions We kick off the event – everyone takes off in different directions
PhotoDérive hosts an onlinve video chat to welcome participants back, where everyone can share their stories and photos After the allocated time, we get together to share our stories, discuss how we chose our photos
If participants want to share their photos, they can upload them using a dedicated upload link Participants would download their photos to a common computer so we can project the images.
With the uploaded photos, PhotoDérive can host an online 3D exhibition for a month after the event. In the end-location as meeting point, we discuss the images as part of our discussion about how the Dérive went.