We care for our planet and strive to reduce waste, recycle and make conscious choices on energy, waste and consumption. Andrea started her career as a political environmental campaigner for a global organisation -and this interest for our planet has not dwindled.

We have set up PhotoDérive to be powered and supported by 100% renewable energy and therefore completely carbon neutral. We chose services and goods that are carbon neutral and / or use recycled mateerials. They deserve our appreciation -so we show them our support by sharing this here.

Our chosen partners

Bitpalast Hosting Banner

Our reliable and excellently supported webhosting is provided by Bitpalace. In addition to being carbon neutral, they have an outstanding blitz quick 24/7 service, free website and domain migration support as well as inclusive individual SSL certificates. The Bitpalace team can also install WordPress, NextCloud (file management) or Matomo (web analytics) for you, at no extra cost. This is excellent for those of you who, like us, want to support Open Source and want to have more control over our data. You can get all of this for less than €25 a year -with 90 days to try them out before you even pay your first bill.

Bitpalace has been around since 1991, even as the internet was in its infancy. Back then, the year the web browser was first introduced and the internet was used by the first million users. They know about the internet and about what we users need. Go check them out. By supporting them, you are also supporting PhotoDérive through this affiliate link. Click on the image above or click HERE

Greenpeace Energy Zero CArbon emissions

Our local electricity provider is Greenpeace Energy. This cooperative is owned by the users and clients and exists since 1999, providing 100% renewable energy generated through wind turbines, solar parks or hydroelectric power plants. Lately, they are using electrolysis to transform excess production of wind energy into fossile free eco-gas as well. If you are in Germany want to switch, you can check them out here or clicking ont the Greenpeace Energy logo to the left. If you are somewhere else, check your local energy providers to explore what renewable energy options are available.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Recycling logo by Vectors Point from the Noun Project CC Creative Commons

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, recycle

In our day to day operations, we refuse to use more than is necessary. We reduce the amount of energy and materials we use, for example limiting the use of paper and energy. We use recycled paper with high post-consumer waste content for our daily printing needs.

Our packaging choices avoid all plastic mailers, cellophane or unnecessary single use plastic. Our kits come in cardboard boxes or reusable metal boxes. Sometimes we receive plastic such as bubble wrap or air cushions in items we receive. They continue to live when we pack them in orders we send, giving them a longer life before they become waste. You might sometimes find pages from old telephone books or old art supply catalogues as padding orders we ship out.

We recycle all of our paper, glass, packaging and organic waste, as well as our toner and ink printer cartridges, as well as water filters. Our non recyclable waste remains a bare minimum.

The current climate crisis demands that we all seek to have less of an impact in our environment. It demands that we make more conscious choices and decisions. Caring for the environment is at the center of how we feel about our habitat and how it affects us. This is very much in line with a psychogeographical perspective. By sharing our approach, we hope we can inspire you to make conscious choices and ensure we all tread lightly on to the Earth.