The Kollektiv was created to offer an open shared space for people interested in psychogeography in Berlin. Several cities have their own psychogeographical groups, and even when the city has many psychogeographer admirers, I could not find a regular group that enjoys walking together to explore the city.

The Kollektiv hopes to changed that, so drop me a line if you are interested in exploring Berlin with a psychogeographical look. As a photographer, painter and sketcher, I hope new member who are interested in art will join too. If you have an interest in walking, drifting, sketching, painting, taking photographs, sign up for the PhotoDérive Newsletter (still under construction!) or drop me an email to info (at) photoderive (dot) org if you want to get in touch.

Here is the inspiration for the Kollektiv:

Manchester: The Loiterers Resistance Movement

Leeds: The Leeds Psychogeographical Society

London: London Psychogeographical Association