From tourism to migration, from exile to persecution, travel shapes our personal stories. ‘Where are you from?’ is a challenging question for anyone who has a patchwork of origin stories.

When a traveller arrives at a new destination, exploration surely follows. We get to know places and they affect us – based on what or who is there (or not), and on what we can (or cannot) do there. Places often have assigned roles: this is where one eats, works, plays, shops, drives, and so on. What if we overcome these limitations? What if we free ourselves from our own limitations in order truly to experience a place and imagine how it could be different?

The photographer uses the tool of dérive (drift) for her psychogeographical observation of cities, their communities, and their origin stories. Psychogeography explores the effect places have on us, the emotions they trigger – and how these might change. The dérive facilitates free exploration while remaining focused on a theme, a motto, or an experience that runs as a common thread through all the images that ensue, helping hold them together.

Inspired by the meandering stories in Italo Calvino’s novel that gave the title for the exhibition, the photos tell stories that converge, diverge, fork and disappear. What stories are awaiting to be told? The photos telling their stories in the exhibition were created during several dérives in Berlin and other new and familiar places.

Psychogeography explores the effect that spaces have on how you feel and how you think. Spaces are defined by what is there (or what isn´t there) and how we use them. Through psychogeography we seek to redefine and transform these spaces. Psychogeography poses a challenge to the established use of spaces: shopping, entertainment, work, leisure, living. If not for these uses, how could we approach these spaces? How would we feel if we did different things there? or if they were different?

Dérive also translates as “drifting”, to move slowly without control or direction. A Dérive is one way to live the psychogeographical experience: you will walk through, search, reflect on and photograph the spaces. You will go on a dérive by walking and purposefully giving up control to allow random explorations. In doing so, you will see the spaces in a new light, understand them differently while you learning about yourself through how you think or feel about them. Your photographs will tell your story and express how you felt during your PhotoDérive.

Companion Event: PhotoDérive on 17. October 2020

If you want to embark on a dérive, join us on 17. October to explore spaces -together but apart. This will be a experience supported by an analogue set of cards and a series of live online interactions.


This exhibition is a collaboration with Fotomarathon Berlin and is part of the 2020 European Month of Photography in Berlin.

When: Form 10 – 31. October

Where: Prenzlauer Studio Kollektiv Winsstraße 42, 10407 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Opening times: Anytime you like! The photos will be exhibited on the Gallery´s shop windows, looking out. You will be able to enjoy the exhibition breathing fresh air and practicing social distancing.

Vernissage: 9. October from 19.00 h – at the Gallery and via Instagram live (@photo.derive) We will be observing all the measures for the prevention of coronavirus. Please bring your mask and be prepared to maintain a 2m distance.