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23 Feb 2023: Terminalia Photo Walk along the Spree

13 February 2023|Categories: Terminalia|Tags: , |

Come celebrate Terminalia with a PhotoDérive, a walk along the shores of the River Spree. In the spirit of Terminus, the god of boundaries, the Spree is, even today, a boundary between two neighbourhoods (Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain) after being the East/West border between the DDR and the West Berlin.

Dérive also translates as “drifting”, to move slowly wi […]

More PhotoDérive in 2023

22 November 2022|Categories: Blog|Tags: , , |

Winter is dark, cold and wet -sometimes snowy- in Berlin. Days are short. The skies are grey. Walks can be demanding: dressing in several layers to get protection against cold and wind, warm boots, a hat and gloves, perhaps. Walking turns into something we need to do…but if we have the option to take a tram, a bus or an U-Bahn to get to where we go, we take […]

Terminalia in Berlin 2022

23 February 2022|Categories: Terminalia|Tags: |

As every year, we like to commemorate Terminalia with a photo walk in the city. Terminalia is a one day festival of walking, space, place and psychogeography on 23rd Feburary. Terminalia was the festival of Terminus, Roman god of boundaries and landmarks! Events have been run on this day since 2011. [...]

A safe PhotoDérive during COVID19 times

16 October 2020|Categories: Blog|

We have adapted how we organise a PhotoDérive so that everyone can stay safe and healthy. A PhotoDérive takes place outside, so we can still go for walks and take photos, as long as we observe some basic health guidelines. Read how we organise a PhotoDérive during COVID19 times. […]

PhotoDerive on 17 October

14 October 2020|Categories: Blog|

As part of the European Month of Photography events, we are going on a PhotoDérive in Berlin next Saturday 17.October from 14.00 to 17.00 h.

The PhotoDérive is a photo exploration of our space, based on the Dérive, a cultural practice with its genesis in psychogeography. The Dérive is “a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances. Dérives involve pl […]

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